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WATCH: Blues Clues Just Keeps Getting Better At Supporting LGBTQ Kids & Families

WATCH: Blues Clues Just Keeps Getting Better At Supporting LGBTQ Kids & Families

‘Blues Clues’ keeps hitting it out of the park, dropping their new sing-along for Pride month. The cartoon didn’t shy away from inclusion, showing trans, nonbinary, and gay characters, featuring a drag queen, and validating everyone. The video is hitting hard, and the public response is very appreciative.

[Screenshot via Blues Clues & You/YouTube]

The YouTube video dropped Friday, and it has been getting reactions all weekend. There are over a quarter-million views on the original post on the Blues Clues YouTube page, and it has also been uploaded and shared widely on social media.

As you can see, it features drag queen Nina West, in cartoon form, as well as nonbinary animals, an alligator family with two moms, a bear family with two dads, a beaver family with transgender members, and even an ‘allies’ float.

On social media, it’s very clear how much this representation means, and the consensus seems to be that Nickelodeon got it very, very right.

People are even finding little bits of representation in the video beyond the specifics identified in the verse.


There’s also more subtle inclusion, such as a wheelchair user and an owl in a hijab.

This isn’t completely new from Blues Clues, either. They also dropped a sweet video in February of Blue singing the Alphabet Song — with a little adaptation.

Yes, that’s a Pride flag on the letter P (accompanied by the lyric, “P is full of pride!”) and E “is for everyone” is portrayed with figures in a wide range of skin tones, body types, and disabilities.

These videos are on the Blues Clues YouTube page, where parents can make their own choices about showing them to kids, but the fact that they exist at all is a pretty massive step.

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