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WATCH: Bloomberg’s Tim O’Brien Thinks Trump’s Accountant Will Flip on Him

WATCH: Bloomberg’s Tim O’Brien Thinks Trump’s Accountant Will Flip on Him

Donald Trump has never been all that loyal to his employees. Once they’ve outlived their usefulness, the former president is quick to get rid of them. Trump’s most famous quotation, of course, is “you’re fired.”

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So it is unlikely that people who work for Trump will be willing to be loyal to him. This even includes long-time employees like Trump Organization chief accountant Allen Weisselberg.

Tim O’Brien is one of the few journalists who have gotten a look at Trump’s tax returns. And now that New York has their hands on them, the Bloomberg reporter is predicting that Weisselberg will flip on Trump.

O’Brien told MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell, “The thing to really focus in on here is that it’s not just the tax records that Cy Vance has now. He probably has reams and reams of the accountant’s work product. This is a criminal case, they’re going to need to prove criminal intent on the part of Trump, his three eldest children, Allen Weisselberg, and anyone else in the Trump Organization who’s fallen under the parameters of this investigation.”

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The Bloomberg reporter continued, “And if there are email and notes and other records of communication about what they intended to do when they inflated the value of buildings so they could get loans against them and then turned around and deflated the value of the buildings so they could pay lower taxes on them, and there’s a communication around that that predates any of these tax entries, that is gold for a prosecutor.”


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