WATCH: Black Church-Goers Turn Their Backs as Michael Bloomberg Speaks

Michael Bloomberg was a 3 term Mayor of New York City, first as an Republican and then as an Independent. The billionaire businessman is now attempting to win the 2020 Democratic nomination for President.

Via Vanita Gupta Twitter Account

While the candidate has spent millions of dollars on airtime, he has had trouble connecting with voters. This is especially true of African-American voters. While Bloomberg spoke to a predominantly black church in Selma, Alabama, a number of the parishioners turned their backs on him.

Bloomberg spoke at the Brown Chapel AME Church in Selma. The church was holding a service in remembrance of the Bloody Sunday violence that took place in 1965. Several other Democratic candidates also spoke at the service.

The reception to Bloomberg was frosty from the start. Vanita Gupta from The Leadership Council on Civil and Human Rights wrote, “The Rt. Reverend Seawright of Brown AME is giving a scathing “introduction” of Bloomberg, saying that at first Bloomberg said he can’t come to the church because he needs to beat Donald Trump. And the Reverend went on after that to speak his truth.”

Gupta continued, relaying, “Some Brown AME church attendees are turning their backs to Mike Bloomberg. More are joining.”

You can watch a video of the parishioners response to the Democratic hopeful below:



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