WATCH: Biographer Says Twitter Bans Make it Like Trump “Doesn’t Exist Anymore”

Since the day he was inaugurated back in January of 2017, many Americans have been counting down the days to the end of Donald Trump’s presidency. And those people will be getting their wish next Wednesday when Joe Biden is inaugurated.

Photo by Chris Williamson/Getty Images

Of course, Trump won’t be going away. He garnered 74 million votes and inspired an assault on the US Capitol. He is still going to be a major force within the GOP.

Jack Dorsey, though, took a fair amount of that power away when he permanently suspended Trump from using Twitter. According to biographer Tony Schwartz, not having Twitter makes it like Trump doesn’t “exist anymore.”

The co-writer of The Art of the Deal, made the comments last night on Anderson Cooper’s show. Cooper asked, “Not only is the president not going to the inauguration, which is kind of a sign of how small he is, he’s leaving D.C. in the morning apparently, at least, in part so he doesn’t have to ask the new administration to use Air Force One after noontime when he’s no longer president. Do you think he views having to ask President Biden for use of the plane as form of concession?”

Oh, my god, yes,” the author replied. “It’s always for Donald a binary choice between dominance and submission, and the reality is that he has to submit now but he is certainly not going to actively participate in that submission.”

Schwartz later told Cooper, “I would imagine that Trump is going to — the most striking thing about Trump in the last week is not what he’s asking for and not what he’s ostensibly saying because we’re not actually hearing it from him, it’s the fact that he’s off Twitter. And guess what? It’s as if Donald Trump doesn’t exist anymore when he’s not on Twitter.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of CNN:


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