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WATCH: Bill O’Reilly Trashes Fox Anchors Who Push Russian Propaganda

WATCH: Bill O’Reilly Trashes Fox Anchors Who Push Russian Propaganda

For two decades, Bill O’Reilly was a ratings powerhouse at  Fox News and their top-rated anchor. He left the network in 2017 after it was revealed that Fox had paid out settlements in five different sexual harassment lawsuits filed against O’Reilly.

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The former Fox star has continued to operate as a political pundit since departing Fox. On Tuesday, O’Reilly took aim at a number of his former colleagues and ripped into hosts who push Russian propaganda.

O’Reilly began by playing a recent viral clip of Fox correspondent Jennifer Griffin corrected the lies told by the guest who had come on before her, Colonel Doug Macgregor. He then remarked, “Now, why I’m running that clip is – not only to show you how gutsy she is – is that it used to be that propagandists would be slapped down hard and now they’re not.”

The Conservative pundit continued:

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“Not just on Fox, but on every television news program. I mean, I’ve told you this time and time and time again, I turn on the TV set, it doesn’t matter whether it’s the network morning shows, the late-night comedians, the cable news across the board – two left, one right – propaganda is just spat out there and the people running the shows are just sitting there going like this. You can’t do that! That’s a disservice to the American people. You’ve got to know enough about the subject that you are involved with as an anchor or a host, that if somebody says something that’s propagandistic, you challenge. And that is what Jennifer Griffin was doing.”

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