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Watch: Bill Maher Tells Joe Walsh He Has a Lot in Common With Trump

Watch: Bill Maher Tells Joe Walsh He Has a Lot in Common With Trump

Donald Trump is facing primary challenges from former congressman Joe Walsh and former Massachusetts governor, Bill Weld. The Republican party is not making it easy for those two to challenge the President as they are attempting to cancel a number of state primaries.

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Joe Walsh, who has been a frequent critic of Donald Trump, appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher last night to discuss his policies. Maher compared a number of policies to those of Trump and hit Walsh on his consistent anger against former President Barack Obama.

Maher began by listing a number of Trump’s accomplishments to Walsh and asked how he felt about them. “He’s done some good things,” said the former congressman. Walsh also then said, “It’s not about issues. Trump is a horrible human being.”

Walsh is remembered as being a prominent member of the Tea Party and was a proponent of the birther theory concerning President Obama. Maher asked, “Just look me in the eye and tell me that the seething, frothing hatred that I remember that you had for Barack Obama had nothing to do with the fact that he was black.”

The Republican hopeful replied, “No — his policies. Often times. people like myself, we went to Washington, the Tea Party, to do something about the debt.”

Maher again chided Walsh, saying, “What did you do [about the debt]? That didn’t really work. That was not a success. You failed at that like I failed at political correctness. It just got worse.”

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You can watch Maher’s interview with Walsh here:


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