WATCH: Bill Maher Tells Guest Ron DeSantis Why His Campaign Isn't Going Well

During his weekend appearance on Bill Maher's show, Ron DeSantis was chided about his failing campaign by the host. 

Following the 2020 election, many Conservatives looked at Ron DeSantis as the next great hope after Trump. The Florida Governor was rising in popularity in right-wing circles. 

But once Americans on the right got to know DeSantis better, they mostly agreed with Democrats, this guy was terrible. In an attempt to revive his campaign, the Florida Governor appeared on Real Time this weekend. 

DeSantis said of the recent Republican debate, "In the midst of all the show that happened. I was the one guy that people said, ‘You know what, this guy’s actually acting like a president,’ when the rest were not."

Maher chipped in, "Why run against Trump? You’re trying to thread this needle that will never happen. I mean, let’s face it Ron, if this campaign was going well, you wouldn’t be on this show."

DeSantis countered:

"One, I don’t think he could win the election. I could win the election. Two, I don’t think he could actually get the job done that we need to do. For example, Covid. I think we need accountability for what this government did to this country with the Covid restrictions, mandates, and lockdowns. Donald Trump is not gonna do that. He says he did everything right!"