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WATCH: Bill Maher Takes Apart Guest Who Tries to Defend Uvalde Police

WATCH: Bill Maher Takes Apart Guest Who Tries to Defend Uvalde Police

The Uvalde, Texas shooting, where 19 children were murdered, was horrible on its face. The event, however, became more horrific when it became clear that the police had done little to protect the elementary school kids.

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As more news has come out, the Uvalde Police Department has become synonymous with cowardice. During his weekend show, a guest on Bill Maher’s program attempted to defend to police. The host, however, was not having it.

Michael Shellenberger, an author who is running for California’s governorship, told the host, “I mean, I think it was this initial reaction that these police officers were cowardly. I don’t think we knew that. I have to expect that…”

The author also claimed, “I have to expect that many of those police officers are having a hard time sleeping at night after what’s occurred.”

The host later weighed in:

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“It’s not institutions. It’s people. It’s not institutions who didn’t run into the building. It’s people. People didn’t do it. It’s not an institution. And by the way, this is part of the problem with police training. Their training is all about how to preserve their life. Now, of course, we want them to be as safe as they can, but it is a job that entails danger. Somewhere they got it into their head, the cops, that. It’s better that I just save, preserve my health. But you’re there to protect and serve us. That’s the deal. You get to , you know, walked all, all the time. Everybody kisses your ass. Everybody has to comply with you. And then once in a while, you just have to ball up and do the job that’s dangerous.”


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