WATCH: Bill Maher Says Dems Should Talk About Coney-Barrett’s Religious Views Because They’re “Nuts”

Since the day she was nominated at a White House super spreader event, Republicans have claimed Democrats are attacking Amy Coney Barrett’s religion. Of course, there is basically no record of Democrats attacking the judge, but it is something that Conservatives are especially sensitive about.

Photo by Patrick Semansky – Pool/Getty Images

It has been reported by many, though, that Coney-Barrett’s religious views are more extreme than most Catholics. Bill Maher argued on Saturday night that Democrats should be attacking her views because they are “nuts.”

The HBO host began, “Look I have nothing against Catholics, except my entire upbringing, but they are only 20% of the population. If seven out of nine justices were Jews or Muslims or Buddhists, would that be okay? And if faith is this super important element of life, as Barrett and her Republican supporters say it is, shouldn’t we have a healthier balance on our highest court?”

Maher then got into how Coney-Barrett’s faith might affect her court rulings. “[pundits are] debating whether she will vote to overturn Roe versus Wade? Of course she will! She’s been groomed since birth to overturn Roe versus Wade. She’s like the Terminator. A robot programmed to fulfill one task. Except she wasn’t sent from the future, she was sent from the past.”

The comic closed:

“Amy Barrett said this week she had no strong feelings about climate change, but is very concerned about large belt buckles. Chuck Schumer said Democrats won’t make Barrett’s religion and issue, but they should. Because being nuts is relevant.”

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