WATCH: Bill Maher Panel Says Trump Will be “Screwed” by the Coronavirus’ Effect on Economy

Donald Trump has spent much of the last few weeks dealing with the fallout from the coronavirus. It has not been going well. Comments yesterday from both the President and the Vice President showed that the two were not exactly on the same page.

Matt Winkelmeyer/VF20/WireImage

Most importantly to Trump, the economy and stock market have been affected by fears of the virus’ spread. Last night, the panel on Bill Maher’s Real Time discussed what impact the coronavirus could have on Trump’s reelection chances. The group came to the conclusion that the President was “so screwed.”

New York Times writer Ross Douthat asked, “What does the coronavirus do to the campaign?”

Author Rachel Bitecofer quickly jumped in, “You know, Trump is so screwed. Because it is totally going to f*ck the economy.”

Maher was skeptical, saying, “Everybody says that. Every time something happens and he’s never screwed.”

But Bitecofer held her ground, continuing:

“Oh no no no, he is definitely not helped by this. You can see that in his total panic. The one thing that he had was all that decadence — he had all these rich people who were able to say, well I’ve got my conservative judges who will one day redefine American citizenship so our minority population can hold on to power. And, I have money, right, from the stock market.”

Watch a clip from the discussion below, courtesy of HBO:

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