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WATCH: Bill Maher Explains Why Republicans Would ‘Love’ to See Trump in Jail

WATCH: Bill Maher Explains Why Republicans Would ‘Love’ to See Trump in Jail

The Congressional investigation into Donald Trump is seemingly getting more serious. And the Georgia probe into the former President is also gaining steam.

(Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc for HBO Films)

While it is unlikely, it is possible that Trump could end up going to prison. During his weekend show, Bill Maher explained that many Republicans would secretly love it if Trump was to go to jail.

During a conversation with journalist Sam Stein, the HBO host remarked:

“Merrick Garland has a big decision here as the attorney general of the United States, whether to call a grand jury. I just, I get the argument. Why not to. Because they’re going to be crying their MAGA tears if their boy is in jail. Let me ask you this. Just imagine this scenario and tell me your reaction…What if they did this and won the case? Because if you guys bring this, you got to win the case. He’s in jail. My theory, the Republicans would secretly love it. I think they would fucking love it because he’s out of the way. Not our fault. The way Arab countries secretly loved it when Israel would bomb Iraq or Iran.”

Stein responded, “Right. I mean, there’s too there’s something to it. There’s a lot of Republicans who just if you talk to them privately, can’t stand the guy, wish he would just go away. I don’t know if they want them shackled, but they wouldn’t be totally disappointed.”

Maher countered, “No, they can pretend that they’re persecuted, which they like to do more than anything.”

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