WATCH: Bill Maher Explains Why He Thinks Trump Will Lose NYC Case

Of all the cases that Donald Trump is facing, the hush money trial in New York was thought to be the least consequential. But it was also the first trial, and as a result, it got massive coverage in the press. 

Over the first week of the trial, it is clear that the former President is in trouble. The prosecution has made a compelling argument, and Trump looks sickly and tired. According to Bill Maher, he now thinks that the former President will be convicted. 

The HBO host made the comments while speaking with former CNN personality Don Lemon. He said that he thought the case wasn't worth bringing, "Because I thought, of all the ones you are bringing, this is going the least serious. Now I think Trump could lose. I'm turning on this one, because it's not what I thought it was gonna be."

Maher further explained, "This is the key thing, and it's so clear, I think even a jury of Americans could get this.'

Maher closed the segment by saying: 

"If this goes that way and Trump loses, it's going to change the whole election. A significant number of independents and Republicans say their vote will change if he's a convicted criminal, and he'll look like a loser, not that he doesn't already. And Alvin Bragg is gonna be the rising star of the Democratic party, because everyone said not a good idea, including me."