WATCH: Bill Maher Embarrasses Trump Lawyer Over Voter Fraud Claims

Over the last 4 years, Donald Trump has lost most of the competent people that have worked in his administration. And the writing is on the wall for many others who are seeking new employment. There are still some on Team Trump, however, that are willing to go down with the ship.

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This includes Jenna Ellis, a lawyer for Trump who is perhaps best known for getting in a feud with Marge Simpson. Ellis appeared on Bill Maher’s show Friday night to talk about the recent election. The HBO host grilled her over her frequent and at times, ludicrous claims about voter fraud.

After Ellis opened by saying she only wants legal votes counted, Maher replied, “Right away you used a talking point there, the legal vote. No one is contesting the idea that we are not wanting to count legal votes.”

The Trump lawyer then tried to claim that the campaign is having legal success. “We have evidence,” she said. “We have lawsuits going on, we have a recount, like in Georgia, it’s actually a mandatory recount.”

Maher countered, “Your lawsuits are being laughed out of court. I mean, I’m sorry, I don’t want to make this a contentious interview. I’m just trying to present what is the truth. What’s going on in the courts. And also in your own administration.”

The HBO host again slammed Ellis near the end of the spot, asking, “Aren’t you a little bit ashamed of how you’re denigrating the people who work so hard in the most difficult election in memory? They worked so hard to make this come out right.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of HBO:

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