WATCH: Bill Maher Compares Trump’s Patriot Party to Hitler’s Nazis

Donald Trump is very popular within the Republican party. Sure, there were some Republicans willing to speak out against him or even vote to impeach him. But backlash against those GOP lawmakers has been swift.

Bill Maher of Real Time with Bill Maher during HBO Winter 2007 TCA Press Tour in Los Angeles, California, United States. (Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc for HBO Films)

Still, the ex-President isn’t willing to accept anything less to total fealty. It is rumored that Trump may create his own political organization, the Patriot Party. During his weekend show, Bill Maher opined that the Patriot Party sounds a lot like Hitler’s Brown Shirts.

The HBO host told his audience, “First of all, that sounds like Nazis to me. And not like the killing all the Jews Nazis, but like fascism come to America, Patriot Party, whenever you’re that blatant about ‘We’re the Patriots, we’re the good people.'”

Guest Kmele Foster responded, “Would you prefer Trump Organization as the name of this?”

Maher continued:

“I actually would. Patriot Party is very Brown Shirt-y,” Maher said. “I do worry that all those people who just believe might is right, who at least two generations passed where they taught anything in school so it’s not like people know that they are violating the Constitution because they have no clue what’s in it to begin with. So they don’t know they’re fascists. But they are. And I feel like fall of them will be in the Patriot party, and it’s going to be a dangerous, talk about fifth columnists.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of HBO:

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