[Watch] Bill Cosby, the Ferguson Protests, Black Youth and Homosexuality: Scott Lively’s Bizarre Conspiracy Theory

Anti-LGBTQ activist Scott Lively unleashed a conspiracy theory on many topics on “Breaking News Bible Study.” He claimed that the several sexual assault claims against Bill Cosby were falsely made to make him look bad before the protests in Ferguson took place. The protests were in response to the police killing of Micheal Brown.

Lively claims that “Bill Cosby was intentionally taken down before Ferguson” because “he was America’s bridge between the Black community and the white community.” Lively claims this, although, the  Ferguson protests took off in August 2014 and the accusations against Cosby did not come to light until later that year. Lively also said, “He was the only guy that could stand up and tell these black teenagers to pull your pants up. And he did that, and that got the respect of white people who were like, ‘Why won’t anybody say anything to these kids?’”

He continued, “What does that mean when you’re walking around with your pants down like that? That comes from the prisons, and what that means is you have just raped someone. That’s how you crow that you have just committed sodomy on someone and you’re demonstrating that by your pants being down there. That’s what that means, so this homosexualization of the Black youth in that way was something that no one’s really talked about at all.” He added, “Bill Cosby, he stood up.”

EAGLEVILLE, PA – SEPTEMBER 25: In this handout image provided by the Montgomery County Correctional Facility, Bill Cosby poses for a mugshot on September 25, 2018 in Eagleville, Pennsylvania. Cosby was sentenced to three-to 10-years for sexual assault. (Photo by Montgomery County Correctional Facility via Getty Images)

He concluded, “I don’t know that he was guilty of what he was convicted of, frankly. I tend to believe him in all this, but he’s in prison now. He was taken down by 30-year-old charges just before Ferguson. … They went after Bill Cosby to silence him because the media would have gone to Bill Cosby—the conservative media if nobody else—would have gone to Bill Cosby if Ferguson had taken off the way they wanted it to. … Bill Cosby paid the price of being Bill Cosby I believe, and they got him out of the way before they did Ferguson and they had planned to do Ferguson in advance.”

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