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WATCH: Biden Says He’s Replaced Infrastructure Week With Infrastructure Decade

WATCH: Biden Says He’s Replaced Infrastructure Week With Infrastructure Decade

During the 4 years of his presidency, Donald Trump repeatedly talked about passing an infrastructure bill. There is a clear reason for that. Infrastructure is a widely popular idea among both Liberals and Conservatives.

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Still, despite having multiple infrastructure weeks, Trump never really attempted to pass legislation. Joe Biden, though, is close to doing so. And during a Wednesday speech in Kansas, the president said that infrastructure week has been replaced with infrastructure decade.

Biden quipped to the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority, “I don’t think I can take one more phrase, it’s going to be Infrastructure Week. But guess what? It’s gonna be infrastructure decade now, man.”

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The President continued:

“Most of you who were over 40 remember us always having the number one infrastructure in the world, the most best education, etc. We rank now number eight in the world in terms of investment in research and development. Fourteenth in infrastructure. The United States of America! And if you’re a businessman out there or you work or labor, a union person for business, where’s the business going to go where they can get products to market fastest? Safest? Where they have access to get in and out? Where they have access to move? That’s why we’re losing. That’s why we’re losing. But we’re not going to lose anymore, I promise you. The time of losing is over! It’s over, over, over, over.”


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