WATCH: Biden Assures Press, We Can Get MAGA Vaccinated Without Trump’s Help

Donald Trump’s endorsement of the COVID-19 vaccine would go a long way towards getting his supporters to take it, some say. However, President Joe Biden isn’t counting on Trump’s support, and he says that MAGA Americans will come around without the former president’s help.

Joe Biden says Trump's help isn't needed to vaccinate MAGA
[Photo by ERIC BARADAT/AFP via Getty Images]

At the end of Biden’s press briefing on the progress of the vaccination program, he was on his way out when he turned back to answer a reporter’s question about Trump’s role in encouraging Americans to be vaccinated. Trump has skipped a PSA in which other former presidents endorsed vaccination, and got his own shot secretly while other public figures were getting theirs on camera to encourage Americans to take this important step.

Asked whether Trump’s help is needed to promote the vaccine to skeptics, “especially those Republicans who say they’re not willing to take it,” Biden returned to the microphone to say that he’s discussed this with his team, and he believes that the word of local ministers, doctors, and other respected and trusted figures in communities can have “more impact than anything Trump would say to the MAGA folk.”

According to the Washington Post, GOP pollster Frank Luntz had similar findings in a focus group of Republicans who initially said they would not be vaccinated. At the end of a 2-hour zoom call, other than one participant who dropped out early, all said they would be more likely to consider being vaccinated than before the discussion began.

Participants indicated that they didn’t feel they could trust what was coming to them from public figures making televised statements, but seemed to have more trust in information given to them directly in this small-group session.

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