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WATCH: Biden Administration Won’t Be Taking Advice From Trump Or His Republicans On Border, Says Psaki

WATCH: Biden Administration Won’t Be Taking Advice From Trump Or His Republicans On Border, Says Psaki

Republicans aligned with Donald Trump are working hard to paint difficulties at the border with Mexico as a crisis created by President Joe Biden’s immigration policies. Press Secretary Jen Psaki says that VP Kamala Harris has been working with leaders to ease the immigration transition, and suggests that the administration isn’t really concerned about publicity stunts from certain right-wing figures.

[Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images]

Republicans have been criticizing Harris for not visiting the border, despite that many trips to the border by their own party have not made any changes, other than to produce a handful of partisan video clips.

Psaki responded to this criticism: “[W]hat I would reiterate is that [Harris’] assignment was to work with countries and leaders in the Northern Triangle to address root causes.”

She explained that Trump and many of the Republicans who are criticizing were in office as the number of refugees seeking entry to the U.S. increased, stopping short of pointing out that Trump’s way of handling it involved family separation, lost children, and an overall effort that inspired the phrase, “The cruelty is the point.”

Though much of the work to improve conditions at the border doesn’t actually take place at the border, but on phones and in offices, Republicans like Lauren Boebert (R-CO) have created propaganda videos such as the one Boebert released Tuesday morning, in which she delivers a cardboard cut-out of Vice President Harris to the border.

In the video, she says that illegal border crossings, drug trafficking, and other crimes are up, but that what’s “not up” at the border is Trump’s wall.

[Screenshot via Lauren Boebert]

Boebert refers to Harris as “Cackling Kamala” in the video, and scolds her for not visiting border facilities.

However, Psaki makes it clear that Boebert and her ilk are not making, or influencing, the decisions coming from the Biden Administration — and reiterates that work on immigration doesn’t necessarily mean a trip with a camera crew.

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