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WATCH: Bernie Sanders Goes After Joe Manchin On Build Back Better Bill

WATCH: Bernie Sanders Goes After Joe Manchin On Build Back Better Bill

So much for all the efforts to negotiate with Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema and meet in the middle over the Build Back Better legislation, and the price tag attached. Manchin has now officially announced he won’t support the legislation, declaring, “I can’t get there.”

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According to Politico, if the bill even makes it to a vote now, it won’t be until the Senate returns in January, but without the support of all 50 Democrats in the Senate, there’s no real chance for the bill to make it through a vote. Manchin has been holding out with a list of reasons centering on the costs inherent in the bill, but has previously indicated he’d be willing to negotiate and come to an agreement.

Sunday morning, however, he announced that it’s not happening.

Manchin declares that he’s “done everything humanly possible” to come to terms with the legislation, and “just can’t get there.”

Still, some legislators are interested in holding a vote, even if the bill has no chance of succeeding. Appearing on CNN, Bernie Sanders recommended holding a vote, and making Manchin account for his position.

He says Manchin is going to have to go home to West Virginia and explain to his constituents why he won’t support standing up to pharmaceutical companies to lower drug prices, expanding home health care to keep the elderly and disabled from being forced into nursing homes, and expanding Medicaid and Medicare to cover vision and dental care, among other things.

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