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WATCH: Ben Shapiro Is “Extraordinarily Tired” Of Republicans Cheering Black Firsts

WATCH: Ben Shapiro Is “Extraordinarily Tired” Of Republicans Cheering Black Firsts

Is the turkey too moist for Ben Shapiro's tastes?

It was a given that not everyone would be happy about the confirmation of Ketanji Brown Jackson as Supreme Court Justice. From before she was named, some Republicans were already set against her, claiming that President Joe Biden was somehow slighting white men (of whom over 100 have been seated on the Supreme Court) by announcing he would nominate a Black woman.

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Still, much of America cheered the historic confirmation, and even many Republicans were able to say that they were glad to see America reach this milestone. Three went so far as to vote in favor — and Mitt Romney stayed to applaud her as other Republicans left the room.

Ben Shapiro is really unhappy about this — after all, he says, we’ve already had a Black man elected as President of the United States, and we currently have a Black woman as Vice President. In an angry rant, he suggests maybe it’s time to stop cheering accomplishments of POC if they don’t also align with his politics.

“I see no excuse for Mitt Romney not only voting for this judicial nomination, I see no excuse for him giving her a standing ovation. I’m getting extraordinarily tired of Republicans and conservatives doing this routine…they still stand up and applaud the historic nature, oh the historic nature, who cares? I mean truly, who cares?… Oh my gosh, we have a Black woman on the Supreme Court — we have a Black female Vice President! We’ve had a Black female Secretary of State! We’ve had a Black President! Can we get over this?”

Check out the clip below for Romney’s applause that set Shapiro off.

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