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WATCH: Ben Shapiro Can’t Handle It When Audience Member Challenges Him

WATCH: Ben Shapiro Can’t Handle It When Audience Member Challenges Him

Ben Shapiro has a whole radio show and podcast where he can say anything he wants without being challenged, and it seems to work for him, since the listeners and viewers keep tuning in. However, when he’s faced with a live audience member pushing back in real time, it doesn’t always go as well.

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In fact, in a video clip that hit social media Thursday, Shapiro found a challenger in the audience who knew what he was talking about and addressed it from an entirely different point of view than the conservative podcaster was telling the audience. While Shapiro spreads fears of “wokeism” amongst his fans, this man — who says he’s worked on Elizabeth Warren’s campaign, and came armed with his own genuine experiences to relate — responded with facts and realities. Shapiro couldn’t take it, and had to cut him off — at which the audience member got in one more dig. After all, doesn’t Shapiro normally rail at the idea of stopping speech because of the viewpoint?

A few of their exchanges, lightly edited for length and clarity, follow:

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Shapiro: Wokeism suggests that fundamental institutions in American society —
Challenger: No, it doesn’t. No, it doesn’t. I ran Elizabeth Warren’s campaign. I helped organiz volunteers around here. I am a representative of wokeism.
Shapiro: I-I-I…

Shapiro: Your definition is inaccurate, and the reason it’s inaccurate is because any sensible human being would acknowledge that history has consequences, but that’s not what wokeism is. Wokeism is a different thing. Wokeism suggests that all inequalities of today are attributable to not only historic injustices but also continuing injusticesin the now, and all disparities are attributable to discrimination —
Challenger: Why is it that conservatives are the only people who define it like that?
Shapiro: Okay. Okay. Okay. We’re gonna have to stop here because this is going nowhere.

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