WATCH: Ben Carson Says There is No Need for Racial Justice Because Society is Working Beautifully

Ben Carson has had a very strange career. Prior to getting into politics, he was a renowned, cutting edge brain surgeon. He then took on Donald Trump and the rest of the field in a bid to win the 2016 Republican nomination.

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

While he didn’t win, he impressed Trump enough to earn a place in the former president’s cabinet. But instead of taking advantage of his medical expertise, the ex-president made Carson his secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

And now that he’s no longer working in a presidential cabinet, the former Doctor acts as a Fox News talking head. During a Wednesday appearance, he claimed that there is no reason for racial justice.

While discussing mask mandates and he teaching of racial justice in schools, he told Maria Bartiromo:

“And that extends to the teaching of things like critical race theory. You’re telling [children] that they may be carrying some horrible disease that they may pass on to their grandmother. Even though they’re not sick, it may kill their grandmother. And then when their grandmother dies, you know, they’re having these guilt feelings. And then if they’re white, they’re being told that you are an oppressor and all of your people are oppressors.”

A tickled Bartiromo chimed in, “What is going on here, Dr. Carson?

This is coming from people who want to fundamentally change our nation,” the doctor responded. “And in order to change a society, you have to first create discomfort in that society and a desire to change.”

Watch he spot below, courtesy of Fox News:

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