WATCH: Ben Carson Says People Should “Grow Up” and Stop Being Offended

While his cabinet appointment had nothing to do with his previous career, Ben Carson is, perhaps, the most accomplished member of Donald Trump’s administration. The renowned Doctor spent his career as one of the most renowned neurosurgeons on the plant.

Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Trump nominated Dr. Carson to head Housing and Urban Development prior to being inaugurated. With the high level of turnover in the Trump White House, the Doctor is both loyal and long-tenured. The former neurosurgeon displayed that loyalty on Sunday morning when he defended Trump by saying people get offended too easily.

ABC host George Stephanopoulos asked the HUD director about Ax Handle Sunday. The term refers to an incident where Ku Klux Klan members attacked peaceful protesters with axes. The GOP is holding it’s convention in Jacksonville, Florida, the same city where the event occurred 60 years ago.

Carson responded, “We’ve reached a point in our society where we dissect everything and try to ascribe some nefarious notion to it. We need to move away from being offended by everything, of going through history and looking at everything, you know, of renaming everything.”

The Doctor continued, “Some of our prestigious universities, have a relationship with the slave trade. Should we go and rename those universities? It really gets to a point of being ridiculous after a while. And, you know, we’re going to have to grow up as a society.”

Democratic lawmaker Stacey Abrams appeared on the show following Carson’s appearance. When asked about his comments, she said, “This isn’t about growing up. It’s about taking responsibility and having accountability for the actions that have been taken by this country and by people acting on behalf of this country. And we do have a day of reckoning and that day of reckoning is going to continue until we actually make change.”

Watch a clip of Dr. Carson’s comments below, courtesy of ABC:

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