WATCH: Barack Obama’s 2011 Predictions Of How A Trump White House Would Look

When Donald Trump was inaugurated as President of the United States in 2017, Barack Obama was there, greeting him graciously and carrying out the tradition of a peaceful transition. However, over half a decade before that, President Obama stood at the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner, roasting Trump, who sat in the audience. One of Obama’s jokes addresses how a Trump White House might look.

[Photo by Martin H. Simon-Pool/Getty Images]

Obama trolled Trump on a few matters, including his ongoing effort to discredit Obama’s citizenship, of all things, then addressed his personality and reputation. He produced a mockup of what the White House might look like if Trump was ever elected. CSPAN reshared a portion of the video on the ten-year anniversary of the speech.

Trump can be seen reacting in the audience as Obama presents a photo of the White House, turned into a casino/resort, with neon light lettering and Trump’s name in large letters. The sign proclaims the property to include “hotel, casino, [and] golf course.” Out front are golfers, and bikini-clad women, and the building now proclaims gold columns, a giant clock, and an outdoor chandelier.

[Screenshot via CSPAN/YouTube]

Throughout, as cameras check in with Trump in the audience, he can be seen sitting stiffly, his face tight, occasionally appearing to nod as Obama mocks him.

[Screenshot via CSPAN/YouTube]

The clip above is just a portion — this particular dinner took place right after Hawaii released publicly a long-form copy of Obama’s birth certificate, after a long campaign by Trump to declare it false, and Obama’s opening takes this into account, including a nod to Fox News for echoing and legitimizing the lie. He produces a video clip he says is his “birth video” — then pauses to make sure it’s clear to Fox that it’s a joke.

Ten years after those predictions, after four years of a Trump presidency in real life, and only a few months past his exit of the White House, how accurate were Obama’s predictions?

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