WATCH: Bannon Thinks Giuliani Should be Named Prosecutor in Charge of Investigating Biden’s

To anyone born after 2000 or so, Rudy Giuliani is the guy who rambles incoherently on cable news. He’s also the guy who Sacha Baron Cohen tricked into a really compromising position. Amazingly, though he was once one of the best prosecutors in all the country. And this prosecutorial success led to 2 terms as New York City’s mayor.

Photo by Stephanie Keith/Getty Images

The last few weeks, Giuliani has been pushing a story about Hunter Biden that was so full of holes that Fox News refused to pick it up. Former Trump advisor Steve Bannon is buying the story or at least the idea behind it. During a recent radio show, Bannon said that Giuliani should be named to the special counsel to investigate the Biden’s.

The former Trump adviser began, “I’m also calling for, I think what the president of the United States — not the president of the United States — but William Barr needs to do today, he needs to step it up into a microphone at the Justice Department, he needs to say, “I’ve appointed a special counsel,” right?”

Bannon continued:

You get one of the toughest prosecutors in the country, maybe Rudy Giuliani, you know, he’s the president’s counsel, but I think he’d make himself available. You get, you get one of the toughest prosecutors out there, you set — it should be a special counsel, and that will go through November 3rd, so win, lose, or draw, right, we are going to already start with a massive investigation. This has to happen.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Media Matters:


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