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WATCH: AZ GOP Chair Wants “Perp Walks” Over Joe Biden’s 2020 Win

WATCH: AZ GOP Chair Wants “Perp Walks” Over Joe Biden’s 2020 Win

Republicans still haven’t gotten over Donald Trump’s loss in the 2020 election. Though there is no actual method for overturning the outcome, claiming that they can do so still seems to hold the attention of some of the party’s voters and donors.

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In fact, some GOP members seem to be desperate enough to fall back on the ‘lock-her-up’ style rhetoric that played so well for Trump when he was attacking his then-opponent Hillary Clinton in 2016, trying to lure far-right voters in by dangling the hope that they could have a fantasy fulfilled of seeing a political ‘enemy’ not only arrested, but humiliated.

Here’s Arizona’s GOP Chair, Kelli Ward, in fact, on stage, riling up an audience by suggesting that there will be arrests and even “perp walks” over the 2020 election.

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What else does this rhetoric have in common with Trump’s chants of “lock her up” for the Hillary-haters hald a dozen years ago, though? Well, once Trump won the 2016 election, he admitted that none of that was ever really going to happen, as CNN reported at the time.

Well, Ward’s rhetoric, too, is getting cold and stale and going nowhere — AZCentral reported that she was saying the same thing way back in July, as she and others invented crimes to allege against the forensic audit team.

Despite pushing these conspiracy theories, neither Ward nor any other Trump crony has managed to produce an iota of evidence of all the election fraud they claim was going on — even those who have sworn that they actually had “proof.”

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