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[WATCH] Awkward! Former Work Pals Trump and Pence Holding Opposing Rallies In Arizona

[WATCH] Awkward! Former Work Pals Trump and Pence Holding Opposing Rallies In Arizona

How would you behave if the whole world knew your former boss tried to kill you? “Not like Mike Pence” might come to mind as a quick answer, especially after Thursday night’s January 6th hearing where it was revealed just how close Pence and his detail were to the mob that was hunting the former Vice President on orders from Donald Trump.

While Pence has been slowly distancing himself from Trump in the tiniest increments so as not to blatantly alert any MAGAts he might be able to poach, he hasn’t officially spoken out against Trump other than to say “he was wrong” when putting the onus of the Electoral College count on Pence. Oooh, tough guy.

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But now Pence is making the distance between himself and Donny 187 Minutes a little bit wider by holding a rally on Friday in Arizona for Republican gubernatorial candidate Karrin Taylor Robson, who just happens to be the biggest political rival of Trump’s favorite Nazi sympathizer, Kari Lake. Who, by the way, was recently locked out of her Twitter account for posting Robson’s private information–not that I saw it, because she blocked me last week. KKKari hates the truth just like all the other MAGAts.

All of this is happening the day after the entire country (minus the part that watches Fox News) learned new details about the violent insurrection at the U.S. Capitol that fractured the relationship between Trump and Pence. The committee recounted how Trump refused to call off the mob attacking the Capitol as Pence, just feet away from rioters, was whisked to safety. While Trump did nothing for 187 minutes, Pence was trying to call in the military for help.

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Anyway, Pence is once again not saying anything too inflammatory because he really wants those MAGA votes that might go to Ron DeSantis instead in 2024 (we’re not entertaining the whole Trump is running thing at this moment, thank you), so in his ringing endorsement for Robson, Pence said, “you can hear a deafening message heard all across America that the Republican Party is the party of the future.” Sure, that’s what people think of the party looking to take away more rights from everyone else, Mikey. Sure they do.

Anyway, expect plenty of flies landing on the dueling bullshit artists in Arizona Friday night.

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