[WATCH] Australian Government Wants Answers After Police Violence Against News Crew, ‘It’s a very serious matter’

The Australian government is looking for answers after one of its news crews was met with violence by U.S. law enforcement. The Australian government is imploring its Washington embassy to launch an investigation into an incident that took place on Monday. The violence occurred while police were pushing back protestors from the White House so Trump could give a speech.

Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs Marise Payne said that she is seeking counsel,  “on how we would go about registering Australia’s strong concerns with the responsible local authorities,” she told ABC Radio National on Tuesday. She added, “I think it’s appropriate in an environment such as this, where an event of this nature has occurred, that we are able to seek advice to investigate the incident. That is, it’s a very serious matter, and we take it in that way.”

Correspondent Amelia Brace and cameraman Tim Myers of Australia’s 7NEWS were the news crew attacked by law enforcement. They said that they were shot by rubber bullets suffered flashbang grenades and teargas bombs that were being used to push protestors away from the White House.

A video that has been circling social media shows Myers being assaulted by a police officer in riot gear. Myers had already suffered a rubber bullet attack prior to the assault which was also seen on live television.

The Australian government contacted Brace and Myers, “to check on their wellbeing.” The government also implored  “all involved on both sides” of the unrest “to exercise restraint and to avoid violence.”

U.S. Ambassador to Australia Arthur Culvahouse pointed out that a free press is a  “right Australians and Americans hold dear.  We take mistreatment of journalists seriously, as do all who take democracy seriously.”

The Australian Embassy in Washington has not commented on the situation.

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