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WATCH: As Trump’s ‘Truth Social’ Fails, Devin Nunes Insists It’s Outperforming Twitter

WATCH: As Trump’s ‘Truth Social’ Fails, Devin Nunes Insists It’s Outperforming Twitter

Truth Social has higher engagement than Twitter, and is absolutely booming, while Twitter is a ghost town where no one is posting and interacting — at least if you believe Devin Nunes. The facts, however, beg to differ.

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The Washington Post has reported this week about Truth Social’s struggles — top executives are resigning, downloads have decreased to the extent that it’s not even on the charts anymore, investors are fleeing, and Donald Trump isn’t even posting on the app himself. Would-be users who have applied to join the site are still waiting for it to be available, and insiders say Trump is frustrated and unhappy with the rollout.

Elon Musk joining Twitter’s board has just added a new wrinkle, as conservatives beg him to pressure the company to let Trump have access to tweet again. On Maria Bartiromo’s Fox News show, Devin Nunes appeared to defend Truth Social, and claim that Twitter has become a ‘ghost town.’

Even in this short clip Bartiromo’s skepticism is visible, as Nunes insists “There’s not very much activity over at Twitter right now, especially when you compare it to sites like ours.”

Then Maria introduces Lou Basenese, a tech analyst who calls Truth Social “dead on arrival,” and forces Nunes to become even more defensive, insisting that on Trump’s site, a user may have only 25% of the number of followers as some other social sites, but may have a lot more engagement, and that it will be better when apps for PC and android become available.

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The full segment can be viewed below.

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