Watch as the Morning Joe Crew Mocks Marco Rubio’s Attack on “Corporate Wokeness”

Just a few short years ago, Marco Rubio was an up and coming star in the Republican Party. Then came the Donald Trump buzzsaw. Rubio’s hopes of being President have now fallen by the wayside.

Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

The Florida senator is now content to occasionally post bible verses on his Twitter and sometimes posts videos talking about the issues of the day. He posted one of these video’s earlier this week, complaining about corporate wokeness. On Friday morning, the Morning Joe crew savagely attacked Rubio as a hypocrite.

Mika Brzezinski began, “Let’s stay focused just on the ‘wokeness.’ Seems to be a word they want to repeat a lot again and again. this in a fashion that denigrates it.”

Claire McCaskill then jumped in, “I can’t figure this out. You know, first they say corporations are people and, therefore, we get to have all the dark money, corporate money in elections and Republicans are rah, rah, rah, corporations are people. Then corporations speak out about what they think is right and wrong in a country that treasures the First Amendment and then the Republicans get into a hypocritical four-point stance on we’re going to be the cancel culture.”

The former Missouri senator continued:

“I mean which is it? They can’t decide whether they want to tax them to punish them… And give me a break with Marco Rubio. Oh, just be quiet. Where have you gone? You have no substantive center — there is no center you believe in. You know, you want to talk about hypocritical, there’s all kinds of things that Marco Rubio has been doing that are just bogus and hypocritical.”

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