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WATCH as Kellyanne Conway Evades Impeachment Questions From Cuomo

WATCH as Kellyanne Conway Evades Impeachment Questions From Cuomo

Despite the seriousness of the upcoming impeachment trial, the White House hasn’t shared much information with the press. Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham has refused to hold briefings and only speaks with conservative news networks. Most of the interviews given to mainstream media are conducted by Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley or adviser Kellyanne Conway.

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Conway appeared on CNN’s Cuomo Prime Time last night to discuss President Trump’s current predicament. When pressed by the host about the latest revelations from Lev Parnas, Conway evaded the questions and tried to change the subject.

The Senior Adviser to the President told the host, “These articles of impeachment are thin, they are specious. They’ve been presented to the Senate and we respect the process in the Senate. The trial process will be much more familiar to Americans who know what a trial is.

Cuomo then pressed Conway about the recent statements by Ukrainian Lev Parnas. He continued, “They (Democrats) weren’t allowed because you hid witnesses and documents and even this information from [Lev] Parnas. They had to wait for federal prosecutors under the jurisdiction of this president’s DOJ to release Parnas to give it.”

Ignoring the question, Conway answered, “The Democrats wanted to get rid of Donald Trump. Here’s how y’all have been trying to do it. First, you’re going to overturn the results of the election and find the electors, the 70,000 votes in the three states. Then they’re going to — he’s not going to like D.C., he’s going to want to go back to New York. That was weird.”

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Cuomo told the guest, “This is all nonsense. What I’m talking about is wrongdoing.”

Watch the clip below, courtesy of CNN:

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