Watch as Ex GWB Aide Blasts Trump’s Refusal to Wear Mask

There has been countless words spilled over Donald Trump’s refusal to wear a mask during the COVID-19 pandemic. Experts have long advised that wearing a mask is, perhaps, the best way to prevent the illness from spreading around the country.

Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

For whatever reason, though, the President has absolutely refused to be taped or photographed wearing one. After he appeared barefaced during an visit to the Ford Motor plant on Thursday, former George W. Bush aide, Elise Jordan, blasted Trump for his inability to show respect to medical professionals.

Jordan made the comments during an appearance on Nicolle Wallace’s MSNBC show.

Nick Confessore from the New York Times began the segment, “It’s a very bad sign. This basic question of wearing a mask, a simple and painless thing we can all do to slow the risk of this pandemic spreading further, has become kind of wrapped up in a culture war.”

Jordan then dropped the hammer. “It’s really just mind blowing and it’s such a slap in the face to medical professionals across this country that are working night at day at great risk trying to thwart the pandemic and save lives and Donald Trump won’t make a simple concession,” she said.

The pundit continued, “The only group not into it? Older Republican men, so Donald Trump is really living up to his demo right now by his defiance of not wearing a mask. I just really wish that for the sake of the country and setting an example, Donald Trump could step up and lead. But good lord, we just know that’s not going to happen.”



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