Watch As Devin Nunes Attacks CNN When Asked About The FISA Warrant And His Memo

This past weekend, a redacted version of the 412-page FISA warrant application used to surveil Trump adviser, Carter Page, was released to the public. The release made it quite apparent that the GOP narrative that the FBI and FISA court abused their power in order to ‘spy’ on the Trump campaign, was closer to political theater than actually a legitimate concern. It also went directly against House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes’ memo that he released back in February.

Yesterday, CNN’s Manu Raju was able to catch up to Nunes in Washington DC, where he asked the Congressman if he still stuck by the claims that he made in his memo.

“Do you really think I’m really gonna talk to the leading Democratic party propaganda?” Nunes replied, trying to flee the scene.

Raju then said that he tried to ask Nunes if he actually read the 412-page warrant application, and instead of answering the question, he once again turned the conversation back towards CNN, claiming that Raju was ignoring the criticism that he had just leveled against CNN. Nunes then walked off of the House floor. Raju’s encounter with Nunes can be seen in the video clip below, along with his commentary with CNN’s Anderson Cooper:

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