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Watch As Chelsea Clinton Calmly Reacts to an NYU Student Claiming She Caused The New Zealand Massacre

Watch As Chelsea Clinton Calmly Reacts to an NYU Student Claiming She Caused The New Zealand Massacre

There has been a lot of talk over the last 24 hours about how certain people’s rhetoric, or lack of condemnation of white nationalism and hate may inspire actions like those seen in the massacre of 49 Muslims in Christchurch, New Zealand yesterday.

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While this discussion has centered around President Trump, who was named in the shooter’s manifesto, and who denied the fact that white supremacy is a growing concern in this nation, for some reason Chelsea Clinton was attacked yesterday.

In the short video clip, seen below, NYU students approach the pregnant 39-year-old former First Daughter in public and blame her for the horrific tragedy that took place in New Zealand.

“I’m so sorry that you feel that way. It was certainly never my intention. I do believe words matter. I believe we have to show solidarity,” Clinton told the angry students.

“This right here is the result of the massacre stoked by people like you and the words that you have put out into the world,” a student responded. “I want you to know that. I want you to feel that deep inside. The 49 people died because of the rhetoric you put out there.”

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Clinton responded once more, “I’m so sorry you feel that way,” before another student yells “What does ‘I’m sorry you feel that way’ mean?”

Clinton never did say anything hateful about Muslims, nor did she attack Muslims in any way. The students appear to have been angry that she, herself the wife of a Jewish man, had admonished antisemitism following remarks made by Muslim Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, who some believed were antisemitic in nature.

“Co-signed as an American. We should expect all elected officials, regardless of party, and all public figures to not traffic in anti-Semitism,” Clinton tweeted last month.

Despite the angry words directed towards her in public, Chelsea remained calm, collective and sympathetic to the students making the charges.

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