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WATCH: Arrested GOP Candidate Twists Biden’s Words To Falsely Claim Political Persecution

WATCH: Arrested GOP Candidate Twists Biden’s Words To Falsely Claim Political Persecution

A GOP candidate arrested and charged with violations of law now claims that he was actually being unfairly persecuted, and that the real reason he was arrested was that the President of the United States is carrying out attacks on his political opponents. He even claims that President Joe Biden admitted a plan to round up his political enemies and use the legal system against them (Spoiler: it isn’t true.)

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Ryan Kelley is running to be the Governor of Michigan. Last week, he was arrested and charged with a list of crimes related to the attack on the U.S. Capitol Building last January. Now, he says that he’s just being targeted because Biden wants to lock up political opponents.

“The day before I was arrested Joe Biden was on Jimmy Kimmel and he said they’re going to arrest their political opponents…it looks to be in correlation with what he said.”

Is it any surprise that, no, actually, that’s not what Biden said at all?

You can see his full interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live below, but the relevant part begins at the seven-minute mark. The two are discussing difficulties in working with Republicans who have thrown political norms and decent behavior out the window, and refuse to play by the proverbial ‘rules.’ Kimmel makes a Monopoly analogy, and Biden riffs on the ‘pass Go’ line, referencing a well-known live from the game.

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Kimmel: It’s like you’re playing Monopoly with somebody who you know won’t pass Go, and won’t follow any of the rules?
And how do you ever make any progress if they’re not following the rules?
Biden: You got to send them to jail. You know, there’s that little box, go directly to jail.

Biden is referencing a card that can be drawn in the game, sending players to ‘jail’ for a time-out that can last up to three turns. The directions on the card — “Go directly to jail. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200” — are often repeated in truncated form to suggest that something should be done immediately, without delay.

Nothing in Biden’s interview suggests that he was doing anything other than making a joke about a Monopoly card, and he was specifically referring to individuals who won’t ‘follow rules’ — not his political opponents as a group.

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