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[WATCH] Ari Melber Gets Navarro and Epshteyn to Further Incriminate Themselves

[WATCH] Ari Melber Gets Navarro and Epshteyn to Further Incriminate Themselves

Some people just can’t learn. And a lot of those people work for Donald Trump.

When plotting a coup to overturn the results of a legitimate election and a violent attack on the Capitol should all other efforts fail you, it’s important to have a well-thought-out plan. And the members of the Trump Brain Trust definitely had a plan–just ask Mark Meadows and literally everyone else ducking subpoenas from the January 6th House Select Committee. But as the saying goes, traitors plan and God laughs (or something). Then, once your plan fails and everyone knows it, you still go on MSNBC to brag about how everything you planned was so brilliant, but since it didn’t exactly go to plan, you shouldn’t get in any trouble for it. Wait, is that part of the saying too?

MSNBC host Ari Melber somehow lured Peter Navarro back for a second appearance even after already getting this gold out of the man who believed hydroxychloroquine was a COVID cure. This was just a few weeks ago, but it feels like a year, huh?

Anyheez, Navarro went back on The Beat on Friday, because why not give the Trump Crime Syndicate more air time, right? There wasn’t anything new in Navarro’s nuttiness, just Melber allowing Navarro to continue hanging himself with his own rope.

I don’t know, maybe Peter Navarro should be in prison already for admitting live on television–TWICE–how January 6th was plotted. I’d already be in federal custody before taking off my earpiece, but hey, white male privilege!

Oh, and also Trump’s other last remaining mouthpiece who’s allowed on MSNBC was there too. The recently subpoenaed Boris “Mr. Putin Potato Head” Epshteyn also showed up and half-heartedly spewed the Big Lie out of his subpoenaed potato face while Ari was like, “False, false, that’s untrue, false.” At least Ari didn’t start his replies to Epshteyn with, “Well, you know what Wu-Tang says, B-Money,” or something.

Ari also welcomed back January 6th plotter Dustin Stockton, who’s now a wealth of information after turning over evidence to the January 6th Committee.

Melber got some great content, but this should really be the last time we see any Trump surrogates on MSNBC. Yes, we need to know what they’re up to. And Ari got lots of clickbait gold out of both of them, none of which would be admissible in court. But we can find this out elsewhere. Do they need yet another free platform to push the Big Lie? Nah. While it’s still kind of fun to see how dumb they all really are, it’s also really frustrating that they’re flaunting their freedom from consequences (so far).

Oh and Ari Melber? It’s like Biggie said, “See, I let y’all live to stack a LITTLE paper.”



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