WATCH: Are Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Jewish Space Laser Claims Too Loony Even For Newsmax?

OAN and Newsmax have recently begun to put a big dent in Fox News’ ratings? How did they do it? By promoting almost any conspiracy and a willingness to platform any lawmaker.

Marjorie Taylor Greene so offended at Facebook promoting equality
[Photo by Caroline Brehman/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images]
This includes QAnon congresspeople like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert. Greene, however, has promoted so many wild theories that she even received push back from Newsmax. Last night, Greg Kelly asked the Georgia lawmaker about Jewish space lasers.

The host began, “I’ve been telling people that I talked to you and I find you reasonable and interesting and not crazy. And the one thing they keep coming back at and I would love for you to address, what’s this whole thing about the lasers and Jewish people? Would you address whatever the heck that’s all about please?”

The lawmaker responded by saying that she never actually typed those words out. While she may not have typed the words, she did claim that California wildfires are caused by beams of light from space. She attributed the beams to the Rothchilds, a wealthy Jewish family.

Greene continued, “But this is a story that some leftist ‘journalist’ — really he’s an activist — wrote a hit piece on me and titled it ‘Jewish Space Lasers’ and so, you know, the left-wing media, they just run the same lies over and over again and they call me an anti-Semite and say that I said something like Jewish space lasers and I never did.”

Watch the segment below, courtesy of Newsmax:

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