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[WATCH] Antonio Sabato Jr. Says He Was Blacklisted By Hollywood For Supporting Trump

[WATCH] Antonio Sabato Jr. Says He Was Blacklisted By Hollywood For Supporting Trump

Antonio Sabato Jr. is an Italian-American former model, actor, and politician. Sabàto’s first found of fame came in the 1990s as an underwear model for Calvin Klein and for playing Jagger Cates on the soap opera General Hospital from 1992 to 1995. Sabato explained to Newsweek why he believes he was blacklisted by Hollywood after 2016. Sabato Jr. is a major supporter of President Trump and started voicing his support during Trump’s 2016 campaign. Now the conservative actor says his politics has cost him work in tinsel town. In response, the actor is creating his own studio to make conservative films that “Hollywood would never do.”

Sabato Jr. is mostly recognized for his role on the soap opera General Hospital says conservatives face hardships when working in Hollywood. He said over the phone to Newsweek, “Now, if you go on movie sets and you wear your Christian cross or you’re a believer or you talk about going to church on Sunday—even though churches are closed right now, which is sad to see—you might be fired. Or, if you wear a MAGA hat, you may be fired, or if you say, ‘I like what President Trump did the other day,’ you might be fired, completely removed from the set, and that’s wrong. It shouldn’t be that way, everybody should have their right to speak and to have conversations about who they like, who they don’t like whatever, but it’s just gotten to a place of so much pain and negativity and control over the future of people’s lives.”

Sabato explained how dangerous it can be for your career to go against the mainstream in Hollywood. He said, “They only talk about certain things, and they fight for certain things, but there’s not really an equality in Hollywood anymore. You can’t really be yourself. You can’t really speak yourself. You gotta watch your back about everything. You can’t stand up for something unless everybody’s going for the same direction. Everybody’s sheep. Everybody’s following each other.”

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Sabato claims that differences in politics cost him plenty of work in Hollywood. Sabato is not the only conservative actor to assert the same claim. Melissa Joan Hart, who is also conservative has had the same complaint. Tim Allen has also made the same claim over the years. Whether it is really about politics or talent is anybody’s guess. There is no doubt that Hollywood tends to be more to the left but many would argue that this is only in regard to actors. Hollywood’s racist history and its ongoing problems with representation cast a little doubt on it being completely liberal.

You can read the rest of the interview here.

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