WATCH: Anti-Vax Senator Tells Fox News That He’s The Real Victim

Ron Johnson complained to Tucker Carlson on Tuesday that he’s being attacked for refusing the get the COVID-19 vaccine.

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Johnson has long been one of America’s most controversial senators. The Wisconsin senator went all in on Donald Trump and was happy to support all of the former president’s legislative aims. There are also serious questions about Johnson’s relationship with Russia and whether he became one of Vladimir Putin’s useful idiots.

But the worst thing the Republican has done under his term is push ant–vaccination misinformation. Like Carlson, Johnson pushes his lies by claiming that he is just “asking questions.”

During a recent radio spot Johnson claimed, “We are over 3,000 deaths within 30 days of getting the vaccine. About 40% of those occur on day zero, one or two.” This conspiracy theory has been widely debunked.

But during his spot with fellow anti-vaxer Tucker Carlson, Johnson whined about people fact checking him. The senator told the host that he doesn’t have to get the vaccine because he already had COVID. Experts have explained why that isn’t true. “I was immediately labeled an anti-vaxxer, I was attacked, and all of a sudden it became an issue,” he whined.

Johnson also asked the same question that is asked on Carlson’s show every night. “Why are they pushing this on everybody? “[How] about them trying to push it on children?” Again, the CDC has been quite clear on why they’re “pushing” the vaccine on everyone; to bring the pandemic to an end.

Watch Johnson’s complaints below, courtesy of Fox News:

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