WATCH: Anti-Trump Conservative Group Hits Martha McSally In Brutal New Ad

The Lincoln Project is a group of lifelong conservatives who recognize what giving their party over to Donald Trump has done to the nation. Therefore, they are on a mission to not only make sure Trump loses in 2020, but to get rid of his in enablers sitting in public office up and down the ballot as well.

Via the Lincoln Project

Their latest target is Senator Martha McSally of Arizona, who took over after Senator John McCain’s death. McSally will be re-seeking her Senate seat against Mark Kelly, the astronaut who is husband to former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, who was shot in the head at a campaign event, but survived.

The ad asks, “Why?”

“Why would McSally work to help Trump and his corporate bailout while small Arizona businesses are shuttered? It is highly effective.”

The ad goes on to slam McSally and her ties to the Trump Administration:

“Martha McSally is no John McCain. She’s no Barry Goldwater. Martha McSally doesn’t deserve their seat in the U.S. Senate.”

In addition to the ad, Lincoln Project c-founder Jennifer Horn said via a Press release:

“Martha McSally has tarnished the strong and powerful leadership that came before her. People like John McCain and Barry Goldwater have worked tirelessly for Arizonans and Martha McSally has only worked for Donald Trump.”

That is what putting country over party looks like. These people know that ushering in Democrats means policies, judges, and all manner of changes to American policy that they would never want. However, they also know a direct threat to democracy when they see it, and they know that they must save the country before saving an ideology.

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