[WATCH] Anti-Masker Compares Mandate to Segregation During Rant at Vegas Chipotle

One full year into the Coronavirus pandemic, people are getting tired of a lot of things and just want to get back to living the way they did before. Despite being so close to getting all American adults vaccinated so that we can have something like a normal summer, there are those defiant few who have decided they’re done, even though it’s not over.

This defiance shows itself in different ways, but it almost always occurs in the least likely of places, like a supermarket or a Bed, Bath, and Beyond. And so it came to pass that a woman in Las Vegas recently threw a tantrum over face masks at a Chipotle in which she compared mask mandates to racial segregation.

The woman was caught on the restaurant’s security cameras and uses explicit language throughout her tirade. The video begins with the woman ripping her face mask off in front of Chipotle workers and screaming, “F*ck your masks, I’m taking a stand!”

She then storms away from the counter and continues ranting about the evils of mask mandates. “Watch me, I don’t care!” she yells. “This is modern-day segregation!”

'This is modern-day segregation!' Anti-masker melts down and trashes Las Vegas Chipotle

While COVID19 cases in Nevada had seen a sharp decline at the beginning of the month, there was a recent spike earlier this week where the state saw almost 900 new cases. Nevada continues to require masks in all public spaces, according to its “Roadmap to Recovery” plan.

In the meantime, the anti-maskers will most likely keep making scenes like this one while misappropriating Black history.

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