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WATCH: Anthony Scaramucci Spills The Trump Insider Tea On Meidas Touch Podcast

WATCH: Anthony Scaramucci Spills The Trump Insider Tea On Meidas Touch Podcast

“I’m embarrassed for you and your family,” Anthony Scaramucci says, directing the comment to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. He expresses confidence that the message will get through, since McCarthy reportedly was upset previously at comments he made the last time he appeared on the show.

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It’s not only McCarthy that Donald Trump’s one-time Press Secretary has harsh words for, though. He’s also discussing what it’s like to be in the Trump camp — “When you working for Donald Trump, he’s poisoning you from the inside,” he declares, saying that his record-fast firing was actually a sort of divine intervention, saving him from the fates he describes for others.

“The Mooch” also takes on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who he mocks for being unable to answer the simple question of whether he has gotten a booster shot to protect against COVID-19 variants, opining that DeSantis is equivocating because he so desperately needs the anti-vax vote if he runs for President, but that this demonstrates his inability to stand firm on anything.

“How are you going to go up against Vlad[imir] Putin when you need to? If you’re scared of the people who think JFK is going to rise from the dead, how are you going to face Russia?”

Scaramucci gives a rundown of prominent Republicans and how he sees them as different varieties of Trump, in the same way that the same detergent brand might be available in different varieties:

“Let me go over the Trump detergenst. So, Deathsantis thinks he’s a smarter version of Trump, so he’s like Trump with colors, you know, like Tide with colors. Nikki [Haley] is ambivalent,like she’s two scoops of trump on a
Monday no scoops to trump on Wednesday, and then all of a sudden she loves Trump, she’s gonna go with five scoops of Trump detergent on a Friday….”

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He goes on to describe Mike Pompeo as having lost weight to be the “skinny Trump,” and Mike Pence as “the whitest person that you could ever come across” — therefore, “Trump with bleach.”

Check out the full episode above for Scaramucci’s take on Build Back Better, the GOP bias on vaccinations, q-anon, and more.

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