WATCH: Anthony Scaramucci Says Trump’s Last Days in Office Will Feature Ridiculous Pardons and Pleas for Cash

The moment most Democrats have longed for since January of 2017 will soon be here. Come January 20th, Donald Trump will no longer be the president. Trump, of course, has already shown that he does not plan on going out quietly.

Photo by JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images

The president has already made a number of increasingly ridiculous claims about election fraud. And Trump has already issued pardons to corrupt politicians and convicted murderers. According to Anthony Scaramucci, it is about to get worse. The former White House Communications Director predicted there will be more pardons and more pleas for money.

Scaramucci made the comments during a Tuesday appearance on CNN. Host Jim Sciutto first asked about Trump’s continued coup attempts, “He’s still putting pressure on his vice president to somehow contest before the floor. You speak to folks in this administration. How does Vice President Pence plan to handle this?”

The former Comms Director replied, “I can’t speak for the vice president, but I’m very confident that he’s going to do what is appropriate for the United States. He did take a vow to the Constitution, and take an oath to the Constitution. He’s going to do what’s appropriate.”

Scaramucci then moved on to Trump. “The last two weeks of the administration, there will be a series of ridiculous pardons and they’ll be a series of nefarious neglect and activity related to setting up President Trump and his family for the post presidency and some of it will be gimmickry, some of it related to fundraising, and some will be pardons with those pardons being tied to something in the future. You know, it’s terrible.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of CNN:



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