WATCH: Another Republican Former DHS Staffer Comes out Against Trump

A little less than a month ago, Miles Taylor, who had served the the DHS Chief of Staff, endorsed Joe Biden. Not only did Taylor come out against Donald Trump, he promised that more staffers would be doing so.

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On Saturday morning, Elizabeth Neumann, who was the assistant secretary of counterterrorism and threat prevention at the DHS, did just that. Neumann told CNN that the country can not afford another 4 years of Trump’s reckless behavior.

The former staffer is a member of a group calling itself the Republican Political Alliance for Integrity and Reform. She was asked by host Alex Witt about Donald Trump boasting about nuclear weapon capability to Bob Woodward.

Neumann responded, “I don’t have firsthand knowledge of what he’s referencing but it’s so maddening. This has happened so many times when he would have a foreign leader in and start talking to them about classified information. You’re like, that’s not how this works. you’re not supposed to disclose the things that people put their lives at risk to obtain that intelligence.”

The counterterrorism expert continued:

“Clearly he’s bragging, right, stroking his own ego with these comments. It’s so reckless. this is why I had to — I decided to speak out. I could have just gone to the voting booth and voted for Biden, but I feel like the American people need to hear it from those of us who saw it inside.”

Neumann closed with a warning, “This man is reckless, he does not know how to do the job. and, at times, he deliberately chooses to do things for his own benefit, not the country’s benefit. We cannot allow four more years of this.”

Watch a clip of the interview below, courtesy of CNN:

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