[WATCH] Another Day, Another Psaki Bomb Dropped at the WH Press Briefing

For some reason, the conservatives are hung up on the fact that President Joe Biden hasn’t done an official press conference. They conveniently overlook the fact that he’s appeared on television to address the nation many times, including a highly rated CNN Town Hall, as well as formal announcements such as the availability of more COVID19 vaccines for all adults by May. President Biden has chatted informally with the press, he just hasn’t yelled at them over the sound of Marine One’s rotors.

But still, they whine and use the no press conference angle as a way to suggest that the President doesn’t want to face the press. In their fruitless attempts to Trumpify Joe Biden, the conservative press shows their hand in trying to trap White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki with their gotcha questions, and they’re just not catching on to the fact that it never works on her.

Jen Psaki: Trump's intelligence access under review
[Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]
First, Psaki deftly handled the press conference question.


Then she continued dropping the Psaki Bombs when she was asked about the Former Guy’s immigration policy.



Check out the full briefing below.

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