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WATCH: Another Anti-Masker Loses It At Hospital Staff Over Regulations (Language Warning)

WATCH: Another Anti-Masker Loses It At Hospital Staff Over Regulations (Language Warning)

Yet another video clip is going viral, perhaps in direct contrast to the intent of the person filming it, as an anti-masker throws a full-blown temper tantrum over being asked to wear a mask during a hospital visit.

Boston, MA – August 25: Protesters shouted slogans as they headed for the Massachusetts Department of Public Health in Boston on August 25, 2021. Just under 100 anti-vaccine and anti-mask mandate protesters marched from Boston Common to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. (Photo by Lane Turner/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

Patriot Takes, which follows and spreads awareness of right-wing extremist activity across social media sites, shared the clip on Wednesday. It’s apparently taken by the anti-masker himself, at a hospital in Arkansas. Throughout the clip, hospital staff continues to speak firmly, insisting that he must leave if he’s not going to follow their policies, and he yells, cusses, and demands a written copy of the policy, which he insists does not exist.

Finally, security can be seen escorting him off the property as he continues to cuss and sling slurs, finally finishing with what seems to be intended as a threat of mass action: “Wait until the f***ing patriots find out what you’re doing.

See the video below, but viewer beware: an anti-gay slur coupled with a lot of cussing makes it NSFW.

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Security is forced to explain to the anti-masker that he can be arrested for trespassing after he’s been told to leave the property. Despite his bluster and threats, he does continue to back away from the security officers.

This is one more in a spate of public tantrums thrown by antimaskers, including in stores, on airlines, at schools, and of course, medical facilities.

A number of legislators and media influencers have continued to encourage the behavior, assuring the public that basic pandemic protections are violations of human rights, and even spreading false propaganda suggesting that masks don’t protect against the spread of COVID-19, or that they are child abuse.

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