WATCH: Andrew Giuliani Gets in a Loud Altercation With Internet Personality Crackhead Barney

Despite his claims of spending his entire life in the political sector, Andrew Giuliani doesn’t have much experience at all. The son of Rudy did work in the Trump administration, but his job largely consisted of reaching out to prominent athletes.

Photo by Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

That is not about to stop him, though, from running for Governor of New York. Giuliani clearly has an uphill battle with New York being a very blue state and the controversies surrounding his father. Rudy’s son will also face plenty of criticism walking the streets of New York. He recently got into a loud confrontation with internet personality Crackhead Barney.

A recent Tik Tok shows Crackhead Barney approaching Giuliani and asking, “are you going to be like your Daddy?” The gubernatorial hopeful answeres, “do you like New York now, or do you like it in the 70’s and 80’s.” He follows by saying he wants to, “see a New York where you have Israel that is respected.”

Crackhead Barney follows up by telling Giuliani that she hates his father. The candidate replies, “You want to know the beautiful thing about the United States of America. You can stand and say that,” adding “Unfortunately in Palestine you can’t. You’d be beheaded.”

The two then descend into a childish shouting match. Watch a clip of the exchange below:

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