WATCH: Anderson Cooper Tells Rod Blagojevich His Claims Are Bullsh*t

Rod Blagojevich had a rapid rise in politics that eventually saw him be elected to be the Governor of Illinois. When Barack Obama was elected President, the Governor allegedly attempted to sell his Senate seat. Blagojevich was arrested, tried and sentenced to 14 years in prison.

Scott Olson/Getty Images

The former Governor, who had served 8 years in prison, had his sentence commuted by Donald Trump this week. On Friday night, Blagojevich appeared on Anderson Cooper’s show to discuss the case. After the ex-Illinois head said he was a political prisoner, Cooper called his denials bullsh*t.

After Blagojevich made the comments, Cooper said, “Nelson Mandela was a political prisoner. Political prisoners have no due process and are unjustly jailed.”

When the former governor said he was the victim of corrupt prosecutors, the host had enough. Cooper said:

“Look, I have no problem with you getting out. The president can commute whoever he wants. I just think — I wish — you’re besmirching prosecutors who actually are no longer in government, but prosecutors are important in our system and you are going after the very basis of our justice system, which has plenty of problems but, you know, part of the thing is you got out, you do have an obligation to at least admit what you did wrong and you refuse to do that and you’re creating a whole new alternate universe of facts and that may be big in politics today but it’s still frankly just bullsh*t.”

Watch a clip of the segment here, courtesy of CNN:




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