WATCH: Anderson Cooper Says Tulsi Gabbard’s Goal is To Be Fox News Contributor

Joe Biden had a rousing win during Saturday’s South Carolina primary. As the primaries continue some candidates are realizing their chances of winning nomination aren’t great. This includes Tom Steyer who dropped out of the race following Biden’s victory.

One candidate who is staying in the race despite very poor results is Tulsi Gabbard. The Hawaiian congresswoman came up during a panel discussion on CNN. Host Anderson Cooper theorized that she could be staying in the race to appear on Fox News.

Former Democratic contender Andrew Yang first brought up Gabbard. He told the group, “One thing, though, is that if there is someone having — like, Tulsi Gabbard could be having an event right now, no one’s going to cover it.”

When Yang was asked why he thought the congresswoman was staying in the race, he responded, “I think she’s running for different reasons that many other candidates. She already said she’s not running for Congress anymore. She’s got a different agenda.”

Cooper then quipped, “What’s the agenda? To be a Fox contributor, isn’t it? I mean, I don’t have any information, I’m just assuming — that’s where she appears.”

Watch a clip of the host’s comments below, courtesy of CNN:


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