WATCH: Anderson Cooper Says if Trump Wants Credit for Vaccines He Also Has to Take Credit For the Deaths

The United States just hit the one year anniversary of COVID-19 shutting down American life. And for much of the year, Donald Trump refused to take the virus seriously. The former president spent much of his time arguing that the pandemic was being overblown and it was time to get back to normal life.

Photo by SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images

At the end of Trump’s terms, a number of vaccines were developed to combat the illness. And once Joe Biden became president, he ramped up the distribution of these vaccines. The country is now beating back the virus.

Being the petty man that he is, Trump is deeply jealous of the credit going to Biden. The 45th president recently released a statement demanding praise. He can have that praise, says CNN’s Anderson Cooper, but only if he acknowledges the many excess deaths his failure of leadership caused.

Cooper told his audience on Friday night, “If the former president wants any credit for that, which he certainly deserves, he also has to accept responsibility for the failures of his administration, which were many on testing, prevention, leadership which contributed to the sickening death toll.”

The CNN host concluded, “Think about that. Without a vaccine, modeling safe behavior is all you can do. Yet he did the opposite. All the time. And reveled in it.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of CNN:



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